Welding, plasma cutting and metal processing release large numbers of fine particles in the air. They can damage your people, your equipment, and your process quality. Our industrial air purification helps you to remove these particles from indoor air and keep your production efficiency high, heating costs low, and your employees healthy.

Fine particles are a big risk for process quality and industrial equipment lifetime. Many high tech devices in production facilities are extremely sensitive to particles and fumes. Equipment problems lead to poor process quality, and interruptions in production.

For people, exposure to welding fumes can lead to acute and permanent health problems. These include severe respiratory, neurological and cognitive effects, cancer and other health impacts. Many welders know the symptoms of “metal fume fever”, an acute flu-like response. Among the many material combinations, especially hazardous are chromium-containing metals, such as stainless steel. Their welding releases hexavalent chromium, a known carcinogen.

Industrial air purification by traditional fibre filters is inefficient. Very often, filtered air quality cannot be considered good. Therefore, air needs to be directed outside, which has a heavy impact on the heating expenses.

Genano® 1000 Air Purifier Series

Genano 1000 series has been designed to meet the hard requirements of industrial air purification. We have great proven results from welding companies and metal workshops.

Genano 1000 Industrial Air Purification

How the Genano 1000 air purifier works:

  1. Polluted air in
  2. Genano Technology removes particles of all sizes – without filters
  3. Purified air can be led back inside the hall

Installation Examples

Raumaster Ltd / Rauma / Finland

Genano Solutions_Raumaster 2018

Amiedu / Helsinki /Finland

Advantages for Industrial Air Purification

Genano 1000 series has several major advantages over other air purification systems.

Superior purification efficiency. The unique filterless Genano Technology® is capable of removing even the smallest particles, down to nanosize. That is, we can provide ultrapure air and catch particles that are even 100 times smaller than our competitors, whose performance typically starts from 0.3 μm.

Cost savings. Air purified with Genano 1000 is so clean that it can be recycled back to the premises. During the heating period, this adds up to significant savings in the heating costs, as the air does not need to be exhausted after extraction.
Genano 1000 also protects sensitive equipment, keeping production efficiency and quality high.

Health benefits. Pure air has a huge impact on the working environment and its healthiness. This has a positive effect on productivity, motivation and commitment.

Your company image and success. We believe top air quality is a key factor in creating a working environment that supports well-being. Air quality can influence your company image and success in many ways, even recruitment. Top talents are likely to favor a modern, safe working environment.


Genano 1000 is currently available in three different air capacity levels:

Customization of units is possible. Please contact us for more detailed technical information.


Units are easily fitted into production facilities as stand-alone units. They purify and circulate the air inside the building typically without integration to the HVAC system.

Local exhausts are typically used to remove air efficiently from workstations. They connect to the central unit which returns the air back to the premises.

The central unit is connected to a water supply line for automatic washing. The flushing water can be directed to the sewage system or collected to a container.

Lifetime costs

Lifetime and running costs for Genano 1000 units are low.

Energy savings in industrial air purification are considerable. There is no need to exhaust large amounts of air out of the building.

Our units require almost no maintenance. They have a built-in automatic washing system that rinses the waste away with water and detergent periodically.

This means that purification capacity always remains at a maximum level. There are no filters that would accumulate dirt and block air flow, and no changeable parts. There is no need to interrupt production or use working time to change parts.

There are no moving parts inside the units. This leads to a prolonged lifetime and silent functioning.

Maintenance services

We also offer maintenance and upgrade packages for Genano 1000 installations.

Please contact us to learn more!


Genano 1000