Genano VOC series

Maintenance. We are happy to offer you a customized maintenance contract according to your needs.

Upgrading. We provide upgrade packages to add your existing thermal oxidizer with a smart catalytic Genano VOC solution to save in operating costs.

Remote control operation. We will follow your operation remotely and report if actions are needed.

Reporting. For authority reporting, we collect the production information from your facility and provide it to you in the agreed format.

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Genano 1000 series


All high technology installations need regular maintenance to stay in top shape. This is especially true in the demanding conditions where Genano 1000 is used.

You can choose from three different service levels:

Please contact us to learn more about maintenance.

Upgrading – Genano ReStart

We offer modernisation for customers with existing Genano 1000 installations.

The upgrade is a complete modernization package and includes renewal of the automation, electronics and signalling. With the upgrade you can keep the existing solution, renewed inside with the newest technology.