Genano® 1000 – Industrial Air Purification

Welding, plasma cutting and metal processing release large numbers of fine particles in the air. They can damage your people, your equipment, and your process quality. Our industrial air purification helps you to remove these particles from indoor air and keep your production efficiency high, heating costs low, and your employees healthy.

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Genano® VOC – Smart catalytic solution for exhaust gas VOC abatement

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are chemicals that constitute one of the primary elements or air pollution in a wide range of industries. Our catalytic VOC abatement systems are energy efficient, low-temperature custom solutions. They will help you save in operation costs, starting from day one.

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genano solutions

Genano Solutions

Genano Solutions offers professional services for companies, whose processes involve metal fabrication (welding, cutting, machining) or the use of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Our mission is to protect people, production processes and the environment from air impurities. Genano Solutions is part of Genano Ltd, the leading air purifier provider in Finland.

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