Our mission is to protect people, production processes and the environment from air impurities. Our vision is to be the most reliable partner for air purification in the manufacturing and process industry. We want to increase people’s well-being at work, and promote environmentally friendly solutions.

Genano Solutions is part of Genano Ltd, the leading air purifier provider in Finland. Genano Ltd was founded in 1999 and is today represented worldwide in over 20 countries.

In 2015, Genano Ltd decided to expand its impact in industrial air purification significantly. The former Gevoc Ltd and industrial activities of Genano Ltd were joined under the name Genano Solutions.

Genano Technology

The patented Genano Technology® can remove particles down to nanosize, that is, 100 times smaller than traditional air purification methods. This technology, used in the Genano 1000 series, is also used by Genano Ltd in small stand-alone units in hospitals and laboratories. There Genano ensures a safe and productive working environment by preventing the spreading of viruses and nanoparticles via air.

Genano VOC

Genano VOC series, previously known as Gevoc products, are state-of-the-art VOC abatement systems. They utilize a catalytic oxidation reaction which has many advantages over the traditionally used thermal oxidation method for industrial waste gas purification. The technology has been developed in Finland and has involved research collaboration with Oulu University and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, including several master’s theses and two doctoral dissertations on the subject.

Our long expertise and commitment make us a reliable partner. Let us help you solve your challenges in air purification!


Genano Solutions