The biennial Elmia Welding and Joining Technology fair was held from 10th to 13th of May in Jönköping, Sweden. Genano Solutions took part in this huge event for the Nordic welding industry. This year the fair had a record high participation rate with 1700-2000 participants every day during the four-day event.

The theme this year was automation and digitalisation of the welding industry. The industry is heading towards increased automation and as computers take over the welding shops, the need for cleaned air is quickly becoming more evident than before.

Both human employees and robots and computers need to be protected from welding fumes and fine particles in the air. While employees might not show symptoms for many years, computers often malfunction much earlier. With the industrial air purification systems of Genano Solutions it is possible to protect both the employees and the equipment from harmful particles and welding fumes.

Health risks of welding, energy savings and a safe and efficient production process were hot topics of discussions with visitors to the Genano Solutions stand.

The Genano Solutions team wants to thank all participants and the Elmia center for an inspiring fair!

Read more about the Elmia Welding and Joining Technology fair on their website.

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