Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are chemicals that constitute one of the primary elements or air pollution in a wide range of industries. Our catalytic VOC abatement systems are energy efficient, low-temperature custom solutions. They will help you save in operation costs, starting from day one.

Why VOC Abatement?

Industrial gas waste is a serious problem to the environment and people in many manufacturing processes such as rubber, pharmaceutical and chemical products and many other industries.

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are chemicals that constitute one of the primary elements of air pollution, especially in processes that use large amounts of solvents, Carbon Monoxide and create odors. VOC emissions are significant greenhouse gases, and therefore regulated by national and European directives.

Genano VOC series are state-of-the-art compact catalytic VOC and odor abatement systems. They have been developed for over 20 years for industrial applications for energy efficient control of VOC waste gases and fulfil the requirements of the EU VOC directive.

Significant Cost Savings with Superior Technology

Genano VOC series has several major advantages over other gas waste abatement systems.

Low operating temperature saves energy costs

Traditional VOC abatement takes place by thermal oxidation, which requires very high temperatures. Genano VOC series utilizes catalytic oxidation that functions at up to 500 °C lower temperatures than thermal oxidation. This enables low autothermal point starting from 0,6 g/m³. Lower operating temperature results in significant heating energy savings and smaller carbon footprint, every day.

Fully automatic and adaptive operation control

Also the maintenance costs for Genano VOC series are low. The system is remotely controlled and it automatically adapts to varying flow rates and VOC concentrations in order to keep running costs to a minimum.

No harmful by-products

The purification efficiency of Genano VOC series is above 98%. The system does not produce any harmful by-products such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides because of the low operating temperature at 350-400°C. It offers you reliable compliance with legislation and environmental permits.

Compact size and easy installation

Catalytic oxidation requires only one third of the physical space required for thermal oxidation installations. This makes transportation, custom installations and upgrading existing thermal oxidizers with Genano VOC easy.

Genano VOC installations are always custom-designed according to your needs.


Smart and Efficient VOC abatement with Catalytic Oxidation

The function principle is simple. The Genano VOC system is implemented as an easy external installation near the production facility and connected to the process exhaust. The waste gases are led to the VOC abatement system. Instead of a traditional thermal oxidation, our system is based on ecological and efficient catalytic oxidation reaction. Outcoming air is completely free of VOCs and can be exhausted directly to outside air.

Genano Voc

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