Ensure performance and productivity – get rid of ultra-fine particles

Genano 1000 – Save time and money with clean air. Genano® 1000 is a unique air purifier system designed for production and industrial premises.

Different industrial production methods like welding and machining of different materials release a large amount of fine particles in the air. They are a significant health risk to employees, compromise your process quality and equipment lifetime and add to the energy and maintenance costs of the premises. Genano 1000 is designed to purify the indoor air by removing harmful particles in large industrial halls and keeping production facilities clean and safe at all times.

Significant savings in maintenance and heating costs

Industrial air purification by traditional fiber filters is inefficient. Very often, filtered air quality cannot be considered good. Therefore, air needs to be directed outside, which has a heavy impact on the heating expenses and causes energy losses.

Air purified with Genano 1000 is so clean that it can be recycled back to the premises. This adds up to significant 2/3 savings in the heating costs, as the air does not need to be exhausted after extraction.

Superior purification efficiency without fiber filters

Small particles provide a great risk to the production quality and industrial equipment lifetime, as regular fibre filters cannot remove ultra-fine particles.

Genano 1000’s purification technology is up to 100 times more efficient than the competing technology, – without expensive fiber filters and their complicated maintenance. Operation is based on electric filtering that can remove even the smallest nanosized particles.

Protect sensitive production facilities

Genano 1000 protects sensitive equipment and keeps the production quality and efficiency high. Many high-tech devices in production facilities are extremely sensitive to particles and fumes. Problems with equipment lead to poor process quality as well as interruptions in production.

Purifying the production hall indoor air with Genano 1000 leads to significant savings in money and maintenance costs and prevents production problems and withdrawing of products. Genano 1000 also removes nanosized impurities that can cause major damage to sensitive micro electric equipment, lasers and production robots.

Healthier and more productive employees

Indoor air quality has a significant impact on staff health and well-being.
Exposure to welding fumes can lead to acute and permanent health problems. These include severe respiratory, neurological and cognitive effects, cancer and other health impacts. Many welders know the symptoms of “metal fume fever”, an acute flu-like response. Among the many material combinations, especially hazardous are chromium-containing metals, such as stainless steel. Their welding releases hexavalent chromium, a known carcinogen.

Genano 1000 keeps your staff healthy and saves money with risen labor productivity and fewer sick leaves.

Genano 1000 air purifier is a smart investment that pays itself back in under three years – your business and people feel better from day one.


Genano® 1000 Series for Air Purification

Genano 1000 series has been designed to meet the demanding requirements of manufacturing and production environments.

We have extensive experience and proven results from welding halls and metal workshops.

Simple Operating Model

The equipment’s operating model is simple: polluted air is led into the Genano 1000 air purifier. The efficient electric purification technology removes particles of all sizes from the air. The purified air is so clean it can be led back inside the hall. Genano 1000 is a separate, additional air ventilation system that supports the hall’s existing ventilation system. It recycles air constantly and keeps the premises clean and safe.

Genano 1000 product imageHow the Genano 1000 air purifier works:

  1. Polluted air is being led in
  2. Genano Technology removes particles of all sizes – without filters
  3. Purified air can be led back inside the hall

If fresh air is being led inside the hall at the speed of 3 m3/s (200 MWh/year), the yearly heating costs are an estimated EUR 10,000. If fresh air is being led inside at the speed of 1 m3/s (80 MWh/year), the yearly heating costs are only EUR 3,500 based on the same estimation. According to this example, the yearly savings are EUR 6,500.

Where do the savings come from? You save money when the quantity of fresh air led inside is smaller and, therefore, there is less air that requires heating. The warm and dirty air in the hall is purified and reused.

Our air purification solutions remove harmful particles from the indoor air up to 100 times more efficiently than the competing technology – without expensive fiber filters and their complicated maintenance.

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