Genano® 1000 series for air purification

Genano 1000 series has been designed to meet the demanding requirements of the manufacturing and production environments. We have extensive experience and proven results from welding halls and metal workshops.


Genano 1000 is currently available in three different air capacity levels:

  • 3600 m3/h
  • 7200 m3/h
  • 12600 m3/h

Customization of units is possible.

Operation of the Genano® 1000 series


Genano 1000 product imageThe operation model of the Genano 1000 air purifier

  1. Polluted air is led in
  2. Genano Technology removes particles of all sizes – without filters
  3. Purified air can be led back inside the hall



Units are easily fitted into production facilities as stand-alone units. They purify and circulate the air inside the building typically without integration to the HVAC system.

Local exhausts are typically used to remove air efficiently from workstations. They connect to the central unit which returns the air back to the premises.

The central unit
is connected to a water supply line for automatic washing. The flushing water can be directed to the sewage system or collected in a container.

Lifetime costs

Lifetime and running costs for Genano 1000 units are low.

Energy savings in industrial air purification are considerable. There is no constant need to exhaust large amounts of air out of the building.

Our units require almost no maintenance. They have a built-in automatic washing system that rinses the waste away with water and detergent periodically.

This means that the purification capacity always remains at a maximum level. There are no filters that would accumulate dirt and block air flow, and no changeable parts. There is no need to interrupt production or use working time to change parts.
There are no moving parts inside the units. This leads to a prolonged lifetime and silent functioning.

Maintenance services

We also provide maintenance services for Genano 1000 installations.

All high technology installations need regular maintenance to stay in top shape. This is especially true in the demanding conditions where Genano 1000 is used.

You can choose from three different service levels:

  • Premium+
  • Premium
  • Basic

Upgrading – Genano ReStart

We offer modernisation for customers with existing Genano 1000 installations.

The upgrade is a complete modernization package and includes renewal of the automation, electronics and signalling. With the upgrade you can keep the existing solution, renewed inside with the newest technology.

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